Life Is A Journey

Released 2016

13 neue eigene Songs.


Recorded at Cloudhill Studios Hamburg by Linda Gerdes
(Blind Man: Recorded at 2inch Studios, Goldau, by Ralph Zund)
Mixed by Tommy Vetterli at Newsound Studio, Pfäffikon
Mastered by Dan Suter at Echochamber, Zürich
Produced by Jim Bows


Alex Gwerder (Vocals, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar)
Jim Bows (Acountic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Mandoline, Dobro, Banjo)
Erich Strasser (Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals)
Marcel Hertner (Piano, Hammond, Accordeon, Backing Vocals)
Patrick Gwerder (Bass)


CMC-Newsletter Okt.2016 



Life Is A Journey


01 A Smile Can Feel So Good
02 Back On The Road
03 Life Is A Journey
04 Let It Flow
05 Walking On A Fine Line
06 Blind Man
07 The Banjo Song
08 The Key To Happiness
09 Long Way To Fall
10 Thats The Law
11 Drinking Beer
12 Long Black Shadow
13 All That Youve Achieved